Tales of TLP: Legion of Super-Heroes (v8) 1

For the fourth Tales of the Legion Project, Eric & Peter discuss the first issue of the brand new Legion of Super-Heroes series by Brian Michael Bendis, Ryan Sook & company! (1:47:31)

(00:36) Preamble
(05:48) Legion of Super-Heroes (v8) #1 synopsis, cover talk, & general thoughts
(28:10) Main discussion
(1:21:52) Discussing LSH #0, the “Archie Legion” reboot from 1994
(1:33:37) Discussing LSH #1, the “Threeboot” from 2004
(1:44:27) Wrap-up and Outro


Covers! By Jim Cheung, Ryan Sook, Romulo Fajardo, Jr. & co.


Covers to previous reboots: LSH 0 (1994) and LSH 1 (2004)

“The Legion After Reign” by Blake Neely from the Supergirl Season 3 original television soundtrack



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