Sweet Christmas, Galactus!

Reading comics is fun. Who knew?

And reading comics that are classics can be even more fun. Because there’s a real difference between what we think we know, from information passed down or from trivia or from lore; and what we will come to know when we actually read first appearances or first issues or classic stories for ourselves. For example, did you think that in Galactus’ first appearance in Fantastic Four #48 from 1965 he would be colored in the classic purple/blue coloring as depicted for decades after? Because, if what I read is correct, you would be wrong!

In my quest to read all things Marvel Cosmic, I figured why not start with the Galactus Trilogy from FF #48-50. I could work my way from there to the introduction of Him, to Captain Marvel, to Warlock, Thanos, etc. I was all excited to read this classic FF story, only to be shocked and surprised by the end of the first part that Galactus, Mr. Marvel Cosmic himself, would arrive on Earth dressed for a Christmas Party!?! 

It was red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ochre and peach…

The middle image above, by Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, Stan Lee & Artie Simek (color artist unknown), is what I came across as I read a digital version of the issue (click on the image for a larger version). I then searched for other images to see if I could find if this was real. In that search, I found four other versions of coloring (and even costuming). There are people out there who will know this answer – or who may have the actual issue on hand – but this is what I’m guessing these images are meant to represent:

#1: red/green coloring, I’m assuming from the original issue
#2: purple/green coloring from a reprint
#3: updated reprint, either a Masterworks or some other collection, which keeps coloring from version #1
#4: another updated reprint, this time of version #2, but the green has been replaced with the familiar blue.
#5: yet another updated reprint bringing his coloring and his costuming more in line with how he is universally (heh) depicted.

In other words, someone explain this to me! Is version #1 truly how he looked in his first appearance? And if not, why would anyone color him red and green?!

Have at it, Marvel Zombies.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Christmas, Galactus!

  1. I don’t have a scan handy, but that image is true – in his first appearance, Galactus appeared in a splash panel on the final page of FF #48, colored red and green and with the letter “G” in the circle on his chest. By the next issue, the “G” was gone and his coloration was more along the lines of his present day Purple and shades thereof.

    1. Chuck! Thanks for the reply. It was such a surprise. The coloring and that it was the first time I came across that coloring – even with how much I do research. Appreciate it!

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