“Shut Up, Crime!”

Quirky. Violent. Over the top. Twisted. Funny. It may not be well liked in some circles but I enjoyed watching Super, if for nothing else than the way the tagline is worked into the climactic scene. “Shut up, Crime!” indeed. Rainn Wilson’s early prayer scene is surprisingly tough to watch and I mean that in a good way. It’s raw, it’s human, it brings out the character’s insecurities in a haunting way – all the emotions actors love to portray. Obviously Guardians of the Galaxy will have a far different tone, so don’t expect Super to line up to your expectations of GotG. Two completely different movies. If anything, I’m more interested to see what director James Gunn does after GotG. And another weird tidbit: reading up on Super I learned about the 1980 “average joe becomes superhero” movie called Hero at Large starring John Ritter. I love John Ritter – so I have to seek this one out.

Have you seen Super?

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