Previews Picks for November 2017

Recommendations from the current September Previews for comics and collections released to stores beginning in November!

I’m giving spotlight to the top fifteen new projects that are comprised of: new issue #1s, special collections, original graphic novels, oddities, etc. If something looks interesting or catches a reader’s eye, hit the individual pictures for more information. I’m hoping clicking through to a detailed preview, interview or website will do more to garner interest than just hearing me read a solicit. Let your Local Comic Shop know of any of these projects so they can order it for you. Or, if you pre-order online, get your orders in! The end of the month is approaching quickly!  

As always, I’m sure there are more I could mention. It’s certainly not because I missed it (I scour these pages thoroughly every month). Most likely, whatever it is I skipped just didn’t strike a chord or I filed it under “you can’t recommend everything”. This also doesn’t necessarily reflect all the books I’ll be pre-ordering. I rarely point out something just because it’s the next issue and sometimes I pick suggestions that are more for others than myself.

Feel free to hit the comments and give a shout-out to what you are looking forward to in the months ahead. And if you have a project soon to be solicited in Previews, let me know! Enjoy! – pjr





4 thoughts on “Previews Picks for November 2017

    This is a book that deserves to be in print. So glad Oni managed to remaster new digital files for this book. I love Scott Morse–he’s one of my top 2-3 comic creators, all-time–and this is definitely his magnum opus. An amazing book.

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