Podcast Appearance! Comic Geek Speak 1621

Another CGS appearance last week! Comics Talk – Improv Edition! The gang attended Music Man. And then I go in hard on ‘comics journalism’. Trash talkin’ the top 300. Walking in Tom King’s shoes. And more!

Comic Geek Speak Episode 1621:

2 thoughts on “Podcast Appearance! Comic Geek Speak 1621

  1. Excellent episode, and your comments on what comic journalism is and isn’t had me really thinking. I hope that you’ll talk about it more on the Daily Rios one of these days. (Hope it’s okay to comment here, it looks like commenting on the thread in the CGS forum might be a little like swimming in a sewer right now.)

    1. Thanks, Anne! Good to “hear” from you. 🙂 Always okay to comment on the site! I appreciate that. The whole Comics Journalism conversation feels like a mobius strip at times. Too many attempts at trying to define it (or make excuses for it) when in reality, it feels like people are trying to legitimize a portion of comics that wasn’t ever there to begin with. Sort of like how in certain situations people say “graphic novels” when they should be saying “comic books”. Trying to elevate the form when it should just be what it is. And Comics Journalism these days hasn’t ever really been what people want it to be.

      How’s that for a ramble? haha

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