Ode To Pasqual Ferry

A surprisingly entertaining Marvel read has been the soon to be wrapped A+X, a followup to AVX: VS which was a companion title to the AVX event (good luck with all that). The premise is a Marvel Team-Up-esque anthology title with one member of the Avengers joining up with a member of the X-Men into one-off stories of adventure or silliness. Not all the stories are home runs but I do credit the series for drawing my attention to several of the (new or otherwise) artists: Dale Keown returning to Hulk (#1), Mike Del Mundo on Kitty Pryde/Iron Man (#2), Kris Anka on Black Widow/Fantomex (#10), etc.

One of the artists happens to be a personal favorite and I’ve been waiting for a chance to discuss his contribution to A+X for a few months. The artist is Pasqual Ferry and the reason for it finally being the perfect opportunity to give him a small spotlight is because today, March 24th, is his birthday.

The comic that brought Ferry’s work to my full attention was Adam Strange 1-8 from 2004, sub-titled Planet Heist in its collected form. Looking at Ferry’s Comicbookdb profile, it’s clear I read earlier Ferry-drawn comics before 2004: an issue of Generation X, a few issues of X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, scattered issues of Action Comics and Superman. It would take the collaboration with Andy Diggle on Adam Strange to cement my enjoyment of his character and design sense. His approach to storytelling, sci-fi, the visual language of superhero comics – all of it speaks to me and I’m happy to read more of his work. From Adam Strange, I followed his work on an issue of Morrison’s Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle, a storyarc of Ultimate Fantastic Four, and Thor with Matt Fraction.

So when it was his turn on A+X #3, with a Jason Aaron-penned short story featuring Black Panther and Storm, I knew I wanted to showcase the work for its creativity, movement, style, detail, diversity, etc. Below you’ll find random images from that story (with colors by Brian Reber and letters by Clayton Cowles) pulled to showcase and to celebrate the Spanish artist on his day. There’s also a tumblr post from last year on Comic Book HQs that features Ferry’s version of Wakanda which can be found here.

¡Feliz cumpleaños!






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  1. I have a big dislike for Black Panther comics but that artwork is great! Great version of Storm too btw! My dislike of Black Panther is spawned from my dislike of the 80s limited Series put if drawn like that I would give him another look in a solo series.

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