New Comics Wednesday 09.25.13

Hardcovers, collections and links to other comicbook suggestions.


Info, previews and even digital editions can be found in the following links:

That the collectibility of this issue stems from early buzz caused by a Bleeding Cool article is so peculiar to watch. Granted, the character is appearing in one of the lower selling Batman titles (Dark Knight). It still is an interesting path to watch from solicit to hype to the shelf to ebay, etc. No doubt I’ll be finding these issues in various cheap back issue bins during the 2014 con season.


THE LOST BOY by Greg Ruth
I believe I first came across Ruth’s work at a con – I want to say Fan Expo Canada back in 2010 – but I can’t remember. I have a flier somewhere in some box with a ton of comic goodies. Anyway, beyond all that, go to the site and check out his artwork. Good stuff.!the-lost-boy/c142k

Mmmmm… future comic goodness. Look for a Previews post next week with all my thoughts and picks.

Plenty of disagreements on this story, so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out as a whole.

SIN TITULO HC by Cameron Stewart

2 thoughts on “New Comics Wednesday 09.25.13

  1. I’ve been reading Sin Titulo for what seems like forever, mainly due to the absence of any new strips. Fortunately Cameron’ schedule finally allowed him to finish the story. And now it’s in print, I’m a very happy bunny.

    1. I do enjoy when a webcomic (or comic on the web) finds its way to print – it’s a nice surprise to discover that the project is free online to sample before deciding to pay for a collection.

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