New Comics Wednesday 08.21.13

It’s a great week for trying out new projects and creators. Read on!


Bluesy Lucy: the Existential Chronicles of a Thirtysomething HC:

the Children of Palomar HC:

Outliers 1:

Sacrifice HC:

American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1950s:

Nexus Omnibus vol.3:

Green Lantern Sector 2814 tpb vol.2
Proof that John Stewart was relevant years before his turn on the Justice League cartoon. It’s why I always scoff at the Jordan vs Stewart debate – Green Lantern comics of the mid to late 80s/early 90s had both. There was no need to pick favorites.

Marvel 1602 10th Anniversary Edition HC
Probably not the best Marvel Alterniverse-type story, but interesting enough to warrant a read if you’re a Neil Gaiman fan. It sparked in me the idea that the Marvel Universe as a concept could forever be locked in a hero cycle, constantly emerging in various eras whenever needed. There would always be a Spider, there would always be Four elementals, there would always be a Thor, an Iron Man, a time lost hero, a band of misfits, etc.

Legion of Super-Heroes 23
There is nothing wrong with ending a series that is not selling well, is not winning new readers, and is in need of an overhaul. As companies have done with Aquaman, Thor, – heck, even Peter Parker, putting the Legion concept on the shelf to await a new, fresh pitch wouldn’t be a bad thing. I don’t even think you need a reboot of the continuity. Just mess around with the concept a bit. Multi-cultural young aliens in space adventures? Should be enough to spark imaginations in some creators. We’ll see!

2 thoughts on “New Comics Wednesday 08.21.13

  1. I tried new 52 Legion and it wasn’t for me, they do seem interesting though are you a fan of any era of Legion of Super Heroes Peter? I did like Geoff Johns Superman arc with them and his book during Final Crisis with Perez, do you have any recommendations for other good Legion stories?

    1. Hi Scott! I have two favorite Legion eras: the “Baxter” years from 1984 to 1989 ( and the “Five Years Later” Legion era from issues 1 to 38 ( Both can be found in back issue bins. There are only two trades of the Baxter years. If you liked what Johns did with the Legion and Superman and during Final Crisis, there were two series that followed: Adventure Comics ( which continues into the normal numbering with 516 ( And the Legion title before the Flashpoint reboot ( Those two are much better than the post-Flashpoint Legion title.

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