My New Favorite Podcast

Gilbert Gottfried has a podcast. And it really is amazing. 

If you’re a fan of Old Hollywood, comedy giants, movie facts, talk shows, gossip and movie stars, etc. you must listen to this show. As of this writing, Gilbert and his co-host, comedy writer and tv producer Frank Santopadre, have interviewed Dick Cavett and Gianni Russo (“Carlo” in the Godfather). The amount of knowledge that is being dropped – in conversations and funny anecdotes – is exactly what makes podcasting so important. Even if they aren’t all true, hearing stories about the Golden Age of Hollywood being discussed by the people who lived it or grew up in and with it, makes the content of the show a must hear. And then you add in Gilbert’s knowledge and his humor (and delivery) and it’s audio gold.

I’m hooked.

Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast     

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