Kiss Me, I’m Green!

Today’s a perfect day to post about an “event” that happened back in February. “Green Lantern Day” was loosely celebrated (mostly on Twitter) on February 8th, 2014. Or, 2814 – which is the Space Sector designation for Earth in the DC Comics Universe. It was nice to see a social media topic bring people together rather than throw them at odds, so I played along by free writing (free tweeting?) whatever came to mind while thinking about the thirty years I’ve been reading Green Lantern comics. What follows is a (somewhat) chronological list of those Green Lantern mythos that are the strongest in my recollection. I’m sure if I gave it more thought, I could add and expand. But I like quick lists like this because of the memories they spark or the conversations they could start. Enjoy!



1. vol.2 #169 – first GL comic purchased off the shelf
2. the Len Wein/Dave Gibbons run
3. Who is Predator?
4. Green Lantern/Green Arrow baxter reprints
5. Volume 2 changing to Green Lantern Corps after the Crisis
6. Mogo
7. Kevin O’Neill art on backup stories in the ’80s
8. Introduction of Kilowog
9. Emerald Dawn
10. Emerald Twilight
11. Parallax
12. Kyle Rayner



13. Hal Jordan with white temples
14. Trinity crossover with L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Darkstars
15. John Stewart in Cosmic Odyssey
16. Kyle’s rookie journey in Morrison’s JLA
17. Darryl Banks art
18. Ganthet’s Tale
19. Hal’s funeral after Final Night
20. Jade
21. “One punch!”
22. Circle of Fire fifth week event
23. meeting Martin Nodell, creator of the Golden Age Green Lantern, in 2005 (or ’06?)
24. In Darkest Knight Elseworlds



25. the Knight Fragment in DC One Million
26. Geoff Johns
27. Rebirth
28. flashing emblems
29. Ethan Van Sciver art
30. Carlos Pacheco art
31. Sinestro Corps War
32. the Emotional Spectrum
33. Blackest Night
34. Ivan Reis art
35. Brightest Day
36. Larfleeze

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