Jaffee-ing the Fall & Rise of Captain Atom

DC just announced two new mini-series yesterday and the promo image for the Rise and Fall of Captain Atom made me mad! 

I mean, ‘mad’ as in Mad Magazine because if you draw two arrows on an image, of course I’m going to go all Al Jaffee and fold-in the image. First, here’s the original promo image:

And here’s the image “folded in”:


Hmmm…. I don’t know what I was expecting but that was a bit anti-climactic.


Nothing came to mind.


But then I looked at the image upside down and had this thought:




I know, I know… I’m losing my mind.

The full story on this mini-series and the new Odyssey of the Amazons can be found on DC’s blog.


UPDATE: I can’t stop:


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