A special Throwback Thursday discovery! From the Hullabaloo variety TV show, February 1966. The Hullabaloo dancers perform to the Batman TV theme song by Neal Hefti. Intro’d by George Hamilton and Lainie Kazan, the dance is deceptively difficult. The choreo falls on and off the main beats, the physicality of the dancers is often centered around being contracted, and then most of the leaps spring from that hunched positioning. It’s a great dance, reflective of the dance styles of the 60s. I especially like how the dancers aren’t all perfect, in technique and in body, or 100% clean. Their rawness shines through in a fun piece of geek tv. Apparently, Broadway veterans Michael Bennett and Donna McKechnie were part of the Hullabaloo dancers, but I’m not sure if they are in this particular clip. Enjoy!       


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