Forever Crisis

Possible homage or just happy accident? The similarities between the covers to Crisis on Infinite Earths 9 and Forever Evil 1 are striking and fun. 


George Perez on the left, David Finch & Richard Friend on the right. Twenty-eight years apart. And a bunch of cool connections that just seem to scream ‘homage’! Regardless, it’s fun to make the connections on our own and we can assign credit later. Hit the image for a larger view. Here’s what my eye catches:

– Lex Luthor in the middle of both pieces – both in battle armor of their respective eras. Color schemes basically the same with that forward motion to both figures.

– Captain Cold on the right side of both images, goggles and fur lined hood present and accounted for.

– Felines to the left. In the Crisis image, the Cheetah is at Lex’s feet. In the Forever Evil image, Catwoman is to Lex’s right with Cheetah pushed into the background.

– This one is a little tough to see. The Scarecrow on the Crisis cover can be seen up against Black Adam’s left (his left) gauntlet. This more or less matches the Scarecrow’s placement on the Forever Evil image, placed behind the Riddler’s staff. (I think that’s him, anyway.)

– Sinestro. Flying low on the right in the Crisis cover, flying high on the Forever Evil image.

After that, both covers share character appearances but in different locations:

– Killer Frost on the left side of the Crisis cover forming an ice ramp, while on the Forever Evil image she’s just above Sinestro (again, I think that’s Killer Frost.)

– Poison Ivy is exactly behind Lex on the Crisis cover, while on the Forever Evil image she’s behind Captain Cold on the right.

– Black Adam is flying high and in the center on the Crisis image but off to Lex’s left in the Forever Evil image.

– Black Manta. On the Crisis cover, do you see Solomon Grundy’s raised fist? Black Manta is hiding above it. On the Forever Evil image he has earned prominent placement in the left foreground.

– Deathstroke on the other hand gets a demotion. On the Crisis cover, he’s on Lex’s right shoulder. For Forever Evil, he’s way back on the left behind Harlequin.

Beyond that, I’m sure there are some composition similarities as well. For example, the lightning bolts shooting out along the upper diagonals of the Crisis image more or less are matched by other powers on the Forever Evil image.

I’m a sucker for homage covers (if this is one, I haven’t seen a confirmation anywhere). I’m also a sucker for group shots like this. And then to ping an echo of Crisis in my brain?


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