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The Daily Rios 08.09.12: Old MacDonald Had a Farm…

Just a casual silly conversation with the Pretty Girl about animal noises and impressions. Truly, a Daily snippet in the life of Rios. (06:46)

The Daily Rios 08.08.12: New Comics Wednesday

New Comics Wednesday! Red Lantern style! Which, for those not in the know, means: put your buds in. Explicit content. (06:02)

The Daily Rios 08.07.12: Timeline Tuesday: August

Timeline Tuesday! Taking a look at August anniversaries! (15:46)

The Daily Rios 08.06.12

Happy happy.

The Daily Rios 08.03.12: Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday! The longest ep yet! Marvel NOW! Working in corporate comics! Hair: movie vs musical! And more! (43:55)

The Daily Rios 08.02.12: Beetch!


The Daily Rios 08.01.12: New Comics Wednesday

New Comics Wednesday! Molly Danger! And a visit from Shelob! (16:14)

The Daily Rios 07.31.12: Dancing Around the Truth

Truth Tuesday!

The Daily Rios 07.30.12: Musical Monday

Musical Monday! Kicking off 25 years in theatre discussing Once Upon A Mattress (my first production), a recent production of Spring Awakening, and the local Philly theatre scene. (16:11)

The Daily Rios 07.27.12

Feedback Friday! More definitive Superman creators thoughts! Marvel double shipping! Grant Morrison’s future in comics! Relationships and podcasting! And more! (34:03)

The Daily Rios 07.26.12

Movie double feature! Amazing Spider-Man. The Dark Knight Rises. Spoilers! You’ve been warned.

The Daily Rios 07.25.12

new comics wednesday!