1 thought on “A Salute to Jamie D

  1. Nice pic.

    Like most of the CGS faithful, I struggled with this. Held onto the Sandman vol.2 BOMC episode for a long time, expecting that was Jamie’s final episode. Was disappointed to eventually discover he wasn’t on it (which sounds damning, but obviously is not meant to be).

    I intended to add my voice to all the others when he passed; wanted to share something meaningful, something that others hadn’t already shared, but there was little more to share than it hit me hard – harder than I would have expected – when I heard he had passed.

    I’m glad he’s no longer in pain, but selfishly I would have liked to have more Shiznit Pimp on the show. And I barely knew the man, all things being relative. I know how difficult it must be for all of you, as one of my high school classmates, who was a local sheriff, recently died of a sudden heart attack. No warning at all. Found out about it through the newspaper article shared on facebook. It’s cliche, but it makes you look at things differently.

    Anyway. Feels like I’m rambling. So I’ll just end it here and raise my metaphorical glass to Jamie D. He was a helluva guy.


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