TDR 397: Dark Nights: Metal 1 Breakdown

Dark Nights: Metal 1 is finally here! And so is another Breakdown episode! The Justice League is brought into the mystery surrounding Nth Metal and the disappearance of Hawkman. And Batman has moved even closer to the truth of the Dark Multiverse! Listen in to learn about the new secrets connecting the DC Universe of today and yesterday! (1:10:53)


Justice League of America 10 (1962) & Metal 1: a history of fingers


Greg Capullo’s variant cover and the symbols of the four elements


Greg Capullo’s first attempt at Mecha-JL (left); and the published version (right)!


All-Star Batman 6-10 (2017); Arkham Asylum (1989); Batman 452-454 (1990); Batman & Robin 13-16 (2010)