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The Daily Rios 06.14.13: For Your Consideration…

Promo pitches for three Kickstarter Projects: the Guns of Shadow Valley, a Jack Kirby retrospective and World War Kaiju! (09:34)

The Daily Rios 05.01.13: New Comics Wednesday

Jack Kirby! Mister X! Armor Wars II! Shaw! Simone! And… mimes? It’s New Comics Wednesday! (08:18)

The Daily Rios 01.09.13: NCW & Best of 2012 Day 7

Comic suggestions for today and from the new Previews! Plus, the Best prematurely cancelled title of 2012! (31:03)

The Daily Rios 11.02.12: Feedback Friday

More comic benchmark discussion, favorite actors, Comico, and revealing the origins of the Rios Comic Universe! (33:07)

The Daily Rios 09.20.12: Jack Kirby Song Blooper Reel

Get ready to cringe. It’s the Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby Blooper Reel! (04:10)

The Daily Rios 08.28.12: Happy Birthday, Jack Kirby!

Happy 95th Birthday, Jack Kirby! (02:42)