What Are Your Comicbook Auto-Pulls?

I saw this tweet from Sandy Parker on my Twitter feed and thought it was a great idea to riff on quickly. 



Currently, my comicbook creator auto-pulls are Grant Morrison, George Perez (interiors, covers, etc), Emma Rios, Paul Pope and Keith Giffen. I’ll give any Jonathan Hickman first issue a try. And Frank Quitely just because his work is few and far between at times. 

I also have auto-pulls when it comes to characters: Amethyst, Ambush Bug, Legion of Super-Heroes, Vibe, Captain Comet and Titans. I can’t put Nightwing down on the list – I get his series, but if it’s a random appearance in another title, I usually don’t jump on it like I might have in the past. 

Storywise, I’m willing to give most cosmic stories a chance: especially if it plays within the established DC or Marvel Cosmology. Or if the sci-fi genre is played with, such as titles like Saga or the upcoming Deep Gravity from Dark Horse. And of course, any and everything that has to do with the Crisis.

What about you? What are your comicbook auto-pulls?