TDR 447: Timeline Tuesday: January

On January 30, 2019 by Peter

Timeline Tuesday cycles back to January for the new year! Comicbook anniversaries, first appearances and creator tidbits featuring Alex Summers, Captain Marvel (both DC & Marvel), Man-Ape and more! (24:05)


(01:26) 10 years ago: January 2009 
(08:39) 25 years ago: January 1994
(18:48) 50 years ago: January 1969

2 Responses to “TDR 447: Timeline Tuesday: January”

  • Thanks for another Timeline Tuesday, Peter.

    All I have to say is YES, YES, YES, read Jerry Ordway’s Power of Shazam! It’s so good!


  • Monica Rambeau is my Captain Marvel as well. Love her. Her Avengers were my Avengers as well. I’ve just recently started the Avegers Epic Collection: Under Siege and Secret Wars, and there she is in both!

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