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The Daily Rios 01.18.13: FF & Best Of Day 13 & 14

Listener reaction and comments on Marvel Now, Les Miserables, comics and social media, Keith Giffen and more! (25:35)

The Daily Rios 01.17.13: Les Miserables Movie R’view

A Movie R’view on Les Miserables! (33:17)

The Daily Rios 01.14.13: Musical Monday on South Pacific

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific takes centerstage as Musical Monday returns! (26:39)

The Daily Rios 01.04.13: FF & Best of 2012 Day 4

More reactions to Vertigo Comics! A Benchmark Comic Strip! More Marvel Now R’views! And the Guilty Pleasure Comic of 2012! (44:24)

The Daily Rios 12.10.12: Musical Monday on Dames at Sea

Another trip down the theatre resume stopping at Dames at Sea! Also, some quick thoughts on the upcoming movie version of Les Miserables! (24:13)

The Daily Rios 09.03.12: Musical Monday on Chicago

Musical Monday continues with a look at Chicago a Musical Vaudeville. (14:45)

The Daily Rios 08.30.12: Back to School

Class is in session. (06:39)

The Daily Rios 08.20.12: Musical Monday

The 25th Anniversary in Theatre retrospective continues with a look at Little Mary Sunshine from the summer of 1987. (12:38)

The Daily Rios 08.17.12: Feedback Friday

Topics of the week include Smash, more John Blake in comics talk, am I a Geek?, what comic shops can do to draw customers and more! (21:46)

The Daily Rios 08.16.12: Throwback Thursday

April 1995. (04:51)

The Daily Rios 08.10.12: Feedback Friday

Listener comments on Moulin Rouge, Top 5 current comics, Matt Fraction on Fantastic Four, Moore vs Kirkman and more! (20:48)

The Daily Rios 07.30.12: Musical Monday

Musical Monday! Kicking off 25 years in theatre discussing Once Upon A Mattress (my first production), a recent production of Spring Awakening, and the local Philly theatre scene. (16:11)