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The Daily Rios 10.12.12: A Top 5 About New York

In anticipation for the weekend: a Top 5 about New York! (16:38)

The Daily Rios 09.17.12: Monday Musings…


The Daily Rios 09.03.12: Musical Monday on Chicago

Musical Monday continues with a look at Chicago a Musical Vaudeville. (14:45)

The Daily Rios 08.20.12: Musical Monday

The 25th Anniversary in Theatre retrospective continues with a look at Little Mary Sunshine from the summer of 1987. (12:38)

The Daily Rios 08.03.12: Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday! The longest ep yet! Marvel NOW! Working in corporate comics! Hair: movie vs musical! And more! (43:55)

The Daily Rios 07.30.12: Musical Monday

Musical Monday! Kicking off 25 years in theatre discussing Once Upon A Mattress (my first production), a recent production of Spring Awakening, and the local Philly theatre scene. (16:11)

The Daily Rios 07.05.12

Roller Coasters. Comic Book Anniversaries. Previews. Loudmouths. And singing. 23 minutes? It’s like a real podcast! (23:25)

The Daily Rios 07.04.12

1776 Suite.