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“Lose Your Blues, Everybody Cut…”

Musical Monday: Pop Culture Edition

The Daily Rios 268: Under Woman

The Sound of Music! Wonder Woman! And the Road to Infinity! (38:55)

The Daily Rios 06.18.13: Driving and Top 5ing

A listener suggested Top 5 on the road focusing on Favorite Musicals! (22:31)

The Daily Rios 06.10.13: Musical Monday

Musical Monday takes a look at the 2013 Tony Awards! (18:20)

The Daily Rios 06.07.13: Feedback Friday

Comments and thoughts on comic collecting, musicals based on movies, social media vs geekdom, and more! (25:28)

The Daily Rios 06.03.13: Musical Monday on Bye Bye Birdie

Catching up on Musical Monday with Bye Bye Birdie! (23:36)

The Daily Rios 02.15.13: Feedback Friday

Reactions, comments and questions from the listeners including more On Podcasting topics! (49:54)

The Daily Rios 02.01.13: Feedback Friday

A round up of reactions discussing movie musicals, theatre, a Best Of 2012 wrap up and more. (22:06)

The Daily Rios 01.24.13

The Producers trailer – from the movie version of the musical I’ve been working on for two months. (02:05)

The Daily Rios 01.18.13: FF & Best Of Day 13 & 14

Listener reaction and comments on Marvel Now, Les Miserables, comics and social media, Keith Giffen and more! (25:35)

The Daily Rios 01.17.13: Les Miserables Movie R’view

A Movie R’view on Les Miserables! (33:17)