Previews for October 2017

Recommendations from the current August Previews for comics and collections released to stores beginning in October.

Recording an episode spotlighting standout Previews selections relies on solicitation blurbs and general comments – but beyond that, a solo Previews podcast ultimately turns into a giant list of dry data. Podcasts about current releases are more “in the now”, and can help to generate immediate excitement. Talking about projects that will (or might) come out two or more months from now is great to get the ball rolling, but have more of a chance of being forgotten. 

Knowing that there are listeners/comic readers who don’t look at Previews month after month as obsessively as I enjoy, means that I wouldn’t want to give up a Previews focus altogether. So I’m opting to make it a site-only feature, as I have in the past, in the hopes that it still generates interest and in the hopes that the information will stay out there longer. 

What follows is by no means a complete list. I’m giving spotlight to the top ten new projects that are comprised of: new issue #1s, special collections, original graphic novels, oddities, etc. This also doesn’t necessarily reflect all the books I’ll be pre-ordering. I rarely point out something just because it’s the next issue and sometimes I pick suggestions that are more for others than myself. I’m also going to let the links do the work. If something looks interesting or catches a reader’s eye, I’m hoping clicking through to a more detailed preview or interview or website will do more than just hearing me read a blurb. 

As always, I’m sure there are more I could mention. It’s certainly not because I missed it (I scour these pages thoroughly every month). Most likely, whatever it is I skipped just didn’t strike a chord or I filed it under “you can’t recommend everything”. So feel free to hit the comments and let me know what you are looking forward to in the months ahead.  

Hit the individual pictures for more information and enjoy! And feel free to let me know if this format is to your liking!
















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– Peter