The Daily Rios 07.27.12

Feedback Friday! More definitive Superman creators thoughts! Marvel double shipping! Grant Morrison’s future in comics! Relationships and podcasting! And more! (34:03)

The Daily Rios 07.26.12

Movie double feature! Amazing Spider-Man. The Dark Knight Rises. Spoilers! You’ve been warned.

The Daily Rios 07.25.12

new comics wednesday!

The Daily Rios 07.24.12

feedback tuesday!

The Daily Rios 07.23.12

mmm… candy!

The Daily Rios 07.20.12

The Daily Rios 07.19.12

Website is up! RSS is up! Short episode with a special guest! (04:05)

The Daily Rios 07.18.12

New Comics Wednesday! R’views of the Massive 1 (Dark Horse) and Planetoid 1 (Image) and a look at a few notable comics on the shelves today! (18:40)

The Daily Rios 07.17.12

TMI Tuesday. Don’t listen. I’m warning ya. (06:19)

The Daily Rios 07.16.12


The Daily Rios 07.13.12

Feedback Friday! Walking Dead 100! Kirkman vs Moore! Workouts for creators! 100 Movies reactions! And more! (21:57)

The Daily Rios 07.12.12

Yahoo’s 100 Movies To See Before You Die: The Modern Classics. Boogie Nights?!? (08:37)