New Comics Wednesday 09.04.13

A short list of suggestions from today’s batch of comicbook releases. 


Batman: Black and White 1 of 6
Got some Sean Gordon Murphy art in this one. That’s enough for me.

Delilah Dirk & the Turkish Lieutenant GN by Tony Cliff
Collected edition from First Second of the web comics. Described as an action adventure tale, Tin Tin meets Indiana Jones. Worth a look.

Forever Evil 1 of 7
It’s an event. And as a bona fide event savant, I have to have this in my collection. So far, the cover and an inside image are already echoing the original Crisis. More to come I’m sure.

God is Dead 1 of 6
I don’t often dip into Avatar published comics, but I certainly follow Jonathan Hickman. The art in most Avatar books usually isn’t to my liking. I’ll still add this to the “library” he’s forming in my long boxes and see how the story plays out.

the Star Wars 1 of 8
I’m not the biggest Star Wars head but this kind of project is definitely in my interests: seeing the genesis of a project in its original form. I’m in.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom chapter 1 of 10
Another event. I’m not so intrigued initially with this X event as I was with, say, Second Coming. The premise isn’t exactly pulling me in. The Bendis driven X books are good reads though. And I’m considering this homework for a potential upcoming podcast guest spot.